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  • Index to Selected Royal & State Land Grants: Craven County, Cheraw District, SC, Chesterfield County, SC

by James C. Pigg


This index is broken down into two sections, Royal Grants and State Grants.  The Royal Grants are designated by location in Craven County; therefore, we recorded those grants for locations that are in Chesterfield County today, i.e., Fork Creek, Lynches Creek, Thompsons Creek, Black Creek, Hills Creek, etc. Note, however, that Welch Tract, St. David's Parish, Lynches Creek, and Pee Dee River extend far beyond the current county line, and in the case of Pee Dee River, extends to Georgetown.  The Grants in Cheraw District cover those Grants in the three counties before mentioned, Chesterfield, Marlboro, and Darlington.  Then, after the County Court Act of 1785, Grants were designated as Chesterfield County.

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